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The Opportunity

It’s a Monday afternoon and I am in the playroom with my daughter playing, singing and having a right old laugh. Did i mention that I have my feet up sipping a cup of tea? No? Well I am. Its POURING of rain today so we decided to have a fun day inside. Im so grateful that I can do that. I can spend every single day watching H grow and turn into the wonderful little person that she is. I have so much to say about this amazing opportunity so I’ll stop rambling and start talking facts!!


I have always secretly wanted to work from home. I hated the 9-5 job. Sitting in an office doing the same thing day in day out. It wasn’t for me. I also gave college a go. Which I enjoyed and one day I might go back to study. That is the goal. I would love to have my primary teaching degree. I now have the opportunity to be a stay at home mum that can also run a kickass business.

Is it easy trying to run your own business with a 12 month old girl with bigger energy levels than anyone I’ve ever met? No. Its far from easy but it can be done. Anyone can be a presenter if they wanted too. There are stay at home mums, people that work full time and part time, teachers, midwives, students, women AND men. ANYONE can do it.

Why did I join Younique? Well back in November i joined simply for the extra money. My maternity allowance was going to end and I wasn’t going back to work so that I could stay at home with Harper. HOWEVER, what I gained from joining was so much more than that and in the last few months my WHY has grown MASSIVELY. I have another bambino on the way and as you know ‘baby stuff’ doesn’t come cheap so thats one reason. Another is my dream. I have ALWAYS wanted to be a primary school teacher but it was never the right time to study etc. If i’m completely honest I was full of excuses. WELL NO MORE. I WILL be a primary school teacher and younique is going to help me do that. The extra money will allow me to go back to study instead of getting another boring 9-5 job. It will allow me reach my goals and give me my dream! I get to play with makeup instead of working!!! Doesn’t that sound amazing?

If it has ever crossed your mind about joining. DO IT. What’s stopping you? The only regret I have is that I didn’t do it sooner! You will be amazing at this. I know it.

If you want anymore information about the company etc then email me 🙂 cheyl@cherylbrownbeauty.co.uk 💕💕 I am here to help. I’m going to leave it there I don’t want to bore you. Have an amazing day!!

Until next time,




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